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Most the pages on this site have lots of weird artwork and are worded in a somewhat informal, joky way. This doesn't mean that we don't take our work seriously, there are good reasons for this. We think we'll get more customers if our site is fun to read and look at. The strange art demonstrates that we can use complicated, cutting edge technology. This same technology can be put to more serious uses. Like designing animated logos, generating charts from databases or doing interactive animations of products which are still on the drawing board.

Business cards - see business cards that we have designed.

Interactive garden map - SVG! - needs SVG capable browser or plug-in. This demonstrates how you can have a map (or any sort of diagram) and have things happen when you click on particular things. This is useful for websites and presentations. What isn't so clear is that this SVG was generated from an XML database using XSLT, which means it can be updated quickly. It also makes use the similar structures of XML and taxonomy (scientific classification of living things) which should be a useful feature for garden centers, pet shops, pharmaceutical companies etc.

SVG in Education - discussion of the potential this new format has for education. Although this was really writen with children in mind, I'm sure SVG has uses in business.

Come back later for more examples of serious work.

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