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Here you will find work (or at least links to it) done by PixelPalaces and its boss Richard Pearman.

The works here will (this is still far from complete and will probably be updated frequently and never really finished) be fairly to very large and in many cases will involve a combination of technologies (e.g a web site that includes HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, gifs, jpgs and SVG's, or a picture composed in Adobe Photoshop from images produced in Corel Draw and Bryce - don't worry if you don't understand that bit). Therefore it will be arranged by theme (this could get difficult) rather than technology. We'll try to give explanations of the technical features which the non-technically minded are free to ignore. Then again it might be easier to say, "Can you do an interactive SVG showing how we can customize motor bikes?" than "We'd like something like that cactus thing only about motor bikes." If you wish to look at what various technologies can achieve, you can look at the technology section.

Web sites

Gabardine Swine - for an alternative CD.

Special Friends - a simple commercial web site for a small pet sitting company.

Music CD's

Gabardine Swine CD cover thumb nailGabardine Swine by Fluffy the Pitbull.
cd cover thumb nailThis CD cover can be your's! I've only uploaded low ress jpg's but, of course, I have the original Photoshop file (and the Blender files I used for it). There's even an image for the actual CD lable.

Non-fiction articles

Hot Offer (1.20-1.26) (2)

On-line super-hero comic!

This makes a lot of use of SVG but there are also CGI scripts, an XML database and good old XHTML pages. However one of the strengths of SVG is its ability to fit in with other things. Click the logo (left) for sneek preview.

Interactive garden map - SVG! - needs SVG capable browser or plug-in (if you can see Goldilocks Against UFO's below, you should be able to see this). This demonstrates how JavaScript can be used for interactivity in SVG. What isn't so clear is that this SVG was generated from an XML database using XSLT, which means it can be updated quickly. It also makes use of the similar structures of XML and taxonomy (scientific classification of living things). We also took the photographs and scanned them from slides.

Big picture from home page. For this I wanted something impressive which demonstrated a number of the technologies we use. This was composed in Adobe Photoshop, with the various elements on different layers to facilitate editing. The background is composed of two photographs. One is my only sunset photo. However this didn't have enough clouds so this was combined with a photograph of plane at an air show, to provide clouds. This left an upside down ghostly plane image but I thought this looked cool so I left it. These layers were copied, turned upside down and distorted for the sea. The palace in the background was done in Infini-D with some modifications in Photoshop. The PixelPalaces logo was done in Corel Draw and added to the sail in Photoshop. The nearer Palace was done in Bryce and the Logo added in Bryce as part of the texture. The balcony in the foreground was done in Infini-D. The people were drawn in Corel Draw but didn't look realistic enough. Therefore I re-did them in Bryce, using meshes from Bender and a few of the simpler ones from Teddy.

Goldilocks Against UFO's

Yes this is an SVG comic - click on it and roll your mouse over it (and off it) and see what happens. This demonstrates the use of SVG to display pre-existing artwork. In this case it uses JPEG's of pencil drawings (from a storyboard for a never produced cartoon that Richard Pearman drew back in his university days) but the same sort of thing could be done with any bitmap and/or SVG images (or something that could be converted to them - i.e. pretty well any photograph, drawing, painting and a wide range of computer graphics files). I hope you can also see how the same principals could be used for a more complicate image map (with pop-ups, animation and/or multiple pages) by including some links in the SVG.

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