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You're web site should be like a palace made of pixels - but that doesn't mean you can't use text, vectors, sounds and anything else which might come along.

IMPORTANT most things (pictures, sounds etc.) are automatically copywrited by whoever produced them so make sure you can legally use anything you want on your site.

If you don't know what pixels, vectors and whatnots are, don't worry, that's our problem. All you need to concern yourself about is the content. This may sound like a lot of work but how much you do is rather up to you. We can't produce your web site unless we know what you want and probably have some background information. You probably already have a fair amount of the material for your web site. Whether you give us text and image files and detailed notes of what you want on each page or a pile of papers and vague instructions is rather up to you. The more you do, probably the less we have to do and the cheaper it will be for you. It's probably a good idea if you consider the following (and we can help you with this):Having decided this, you must decide what material you have from which we can prepare you site:
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